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What NOT to do when Planning Your Wedding

You're engaged - congratulations! Now that it's time to plan your big day, we'd love to offer you our expert advice and help you avoid some common mistakes, so you don't pull all of your hair out during your engagement.

1. Don't book a venue without having a guest list in mind. Honestly, don't even Google it until you have a rough guest list. The all mighty venue hunt can get way out of hand very fast. Just keep these little tid-bits in mind if you feel tempted to jump the gun: Stuffing 200 guests into a 100 person venue is not cute! On the reverse, paying for a huge venue with a small guest count that doesn't fill the room can be a waste of space and budget. Just trust us on this one.

2. Don't take everyone's advice and opinions to heart. If you haven't noticed yet, when it comes to wedding planning, everyone and their dog gets wrapped up in the excitement. And everyone has an opinion. You're a smart woman, deep down you know what you want. Stay focused. Listen to your gut.

3. Don't feel obligated to invite absolutely EVERYONE you know. Pick and choose who is really important in your life. This goes back to your budget and also leads into you really narrowing down who you want to include in such an intimate part of your life. Not everyone on your Facebook friends list will make the cut, and that's okay. Your 8th grade science lab partner will get over it.

4. Don't get stuck on one idea if it's not working or you can't afford it. Keep an open mind to other options that might work just as well or even better than your original plan. This is usually about the time that an objective outlook on your wedding day is essential. Make sure your Wedding Planner comes equipped with the experience to tackle such situations, because they will come up. Absorb their suggestions, talk it over with your fiancé, and weigh your options. You might be surprised at how easy it can really be with the right team by your side!

5. Don't cut corners on items that are really important to you. Choose what you care about most and spend your money on that. For example, if your priority is amazing pictures or a wedding video worthy of an ugly cry (you know what we're talking about), be sure to budget for a top-of-the-line photographer/videographer. Simple.

6. Don't start planning without a budget in mind. Know what you can afford and stay within your means. It's very easy to get excited by so many beautiful options, but you don't want to be disappointed if you choose something and then discover it is out of your price range. Keep your frustrations to a minimum by keeping it simple and sticking to your budget.

7. Don't forget to compromise. Planning your wedding won't be any fun if you and your hubby-to-be are fighting over every detail. Let some things go and remember that it's your fiancé's wedding, too! You both deserve to enjoy your engagement; and compromise is the key.

8. Don't try to do everything yourself. We know you are Superwoman, but please let your friends and family help you out during your wedding planning adventure. Learn to delegate and trust the people you love to make things happen they way you envisioned them. Give yourself permission to let go. Give yourself permission to breathe. Give yourself permission to have another glass of wine.

9. Don't buy a dress based on the idea of what your body could or should look like. Trying on wedding dresses is one of the best experiences a bride-to-be can have! Go into the bridal parlor with an idea of what you'd like (pictures are a great start) and an even better idea of what parts of your body you'd like to accentuate, all while understanding that you might try on your Pinterest dream dress and realize it just isn't "The One". Your bridal brigade and your personal gown assistant will be able to steer you in the right direction to find the perfect dress for you. Be sure to make realistic fitness goals leading up to your wedding day and feel confident knowing that you will look stunning whether or not you lose or gain a few pounds. It's all about feeling great in your own skin. Relish each and every moment!

10. Don't lose your precious beauty sleep. Remember that planning a wedding can be stressful, but you just can't forget about yourself. Make time to chill out and get a good night's rest on a regular basis. Nourish your mind, body, and soul during this time. If you are looking more helpful hints on how to take care of yourself, be sure to read the Wedding Sanity Saver article in The Off-White Bridal Blog. Be good to yourself.

And last but not least, don't forget to hire the right planner to be by your side and help you with all the details. Envy Events is in your corner and will make your wedding dreams come true! Join us on Facebook for more wedding day and event tips.


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